Emergency Lighting

emergency lightingEmergency lighting: If you need it, it has to work. FPT’s professionally-trained and certified technicians will ensure that you have enough lighting and exit signs to minimize injuries and protect lives in the event of an emergency. Our expertise means your peace of mind.

Inspect and Maintain. We will inspect your entire system in a workmanlike manner and in compliance with state and local codes. FPT’s expert staff keeps the entire team updated with the latest code changes.

FPT will:

  • Load test the battery
  • Ensure your system is code compliant
  • Align remote heads
  • Maintain the bulb, battery and unit as needed
  • Clean remote fixtures, terminals and leads

Report. After each inspection, FPT will give you a detailed written report of our findings on an NFPA Inspection Report Form, complete with recommendations to repair and/or improve your existing system.

Install and Repair. Whatever your needs, FPT is on the job to ensure that your system is repaired and/or upgraded to be fully compliant with codes and ready to do its job in the event of an emergency.

Sprinkler Contractors # F1-11498
Fire Alarm Contractors # L5-106053
Connecticut Set Aside # 405433
Backflow Inspectors License # 904/95162
Mass License #005961 & 001347