Portable Fire Extinguishers

In a fire emergency, fire extinguishers need to be easy to reach and ready to work. In a fire emergency, fire extinguishers need to be easy to reach and ready to work. When seconds count, you need to count on your first line of fire defense. FPT’s professional technicians ensure that you have the right extinguishers in the right places to get the job done, and that they are in proper working order. Our expertise means your peace of mind.

Inspect. FPT technicians check to be sure that your extinguishers comply with local and state codes. They will ensure that extinguishers are properly located and that you have the right class of extinguisher for the possible hazards.

  • FPT’s inspectors will check a number of details about your each of your extinguishers, including:
  • Does the unit work?
  • Is the unit properly hung, accessible and unobstructed?
  • Is the proper class of unit in place? Are operating instructions clear and legible?
  • Is the gauge pressure correct? Is the gauge compatible with the unit?
  • Is the unit the proper weight?
  • Is the last hydrotest date with within code requirements?
  • Is there any damage or corrosion to the valve or shell?
  • Is the hose in good condition, without cracks, splits or signs of wear?

Report. After each inspection, FPT will give you a detailed written report of our findings on an NFPA Inspection Report Form, complete with recommendations to repair and/or improve your existing system. We will tag the inspected units.

Sales and Service. If there are gaps in your present system, we’re prepared to fill them with the extinguishers you need. What’s more, we have a full-service extinguisher service center to maintain your existing equipment.

Sprinkler Contractors # F1-11498
Fire Alarm Contractors # L5-106053
Connecticut Set Aside # 405433
Backflow Inspectors License # 904/95162
Mass License #005961 & 001347