Warmer Weather Means Fire Sprinkler Trip Testing Time

fire sprinklerIt seemed like spring would never come to New England, but warmer weather is finally here.

This means it is time for FPT to make its annual round of sprinkler trip testing of dry sprinkler systems.

Have you ever wondered what this annual safety check is all about?

Dry sprinkler systems contain pressurized air rather than water. These are often used in areas where water would freeze during colder weather. Once warmer weather arrives, it is safe for knowledgeable trained technicians to move water through the pipes to test the system to be sure they are in working order.

Of course, it is up to the building owners to ensure that these systems are regularly checked and maintained to be sure all residual water is drained out on a regular basis.

Have questions about testing your dry fire sprinkler system? Contact Ned@FireProtectionTesting.com.

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